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The Cretan Mode Diet - Creta Greece

Is acquired and well-known of all, that the Cretan mode is a lifestyle offering a better quality of life, a good health and longevity with those which practices it.

Many scientific research showed the example of the Cretan mode life represented by indices of mortality relatively low in comparison with other areas of the world, noting the balance of its benefits.

The secrecy of the good health and of longevity is simple for us:  consumer local purrs products, using all that the ground of Crete and its good climate produce and largely offer to us!

Many fruits and vegetables, grass and plants, starchy foods, cheeses and breads.

Aromatize the taste of our salads with plants is a well-known practice of Cretan, widespread the entire island knew. Still today, the Cretan ones prepare good cakes with naturally sweetened substances, without forgetting to sprinkle the meals with local wines.

Within the framework of our farm activities we chose to use and offer to our guest's products of quality:

  • Olive oil of our organic production.
  • Honey of our organic production.
  • Vegetables and fruits produced in our gardens and kitchen gardens.
  • Cheese-making products and meats of the area.
  • Walks in mountain for the gathering of mushrooms, aromatic herbs and plants.